Shocking Information About Industrial steamers

steam-cleanerIndustrial steam cleaners are the unrivaled King Kong’s of cleaning and there is no more effective a way to keep your industrial and office space as clean as a whistle. The fact that industrial steam cleaners use water and only water as their primary weapon of dirt destruction has to be one of the most important pros of using steam cleaning equipment.

There is absolutely no risk of leaving traces of dangerous chemicals on food processing surfaces, for example, and this in turn cuts out the very real threat of contamination. Many of us are highly susceptible to the odors and vapors of powerful chemical products that can have an undue effect on our overall health and well-being. With steam, the trusted alternative of industrial cleaners, the inhalation of dangerous gases is not a consideration.

steam-cleanersAsthma sufferers and people with other incapacitating lung problems may very well find the steam beneficial rather than dangerous, even when handling the cleaning equipment themselves. Industrial steam cleaners have the added advantage of operating at extreme temperatures of between 160 and 175 degrees centigrade and at very high pressures. This added heat and intensity effectively strips away even the most stubborn dirt, leaving the surface clean and germ free.

Finding The Best Industrial steam cleaner

steam-cleanerSome modern steam cleaner machines provide specialized anti microbial technology. Machines equipped with such a technology can remove many species of commonly occurring disease-causing microorganisms, including Escherichia coli and listeria.

The anti microbial property of these machines is the prime reason why these are widely used in hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. Vapor steam cleaners offer superheated water as output. The specialty of the output is that the liquid water content will be low – lower than 5%. It is often called dry steam output. Dry steam output is not just sharper in cleaning but uses less quantity of water.

steam-cleanerThis means little water is used during the cleaning process, and less mess is left behind after cleaning. The main disadvantage of industrial steam cleaners is, ironically, its high temperature output. That is, one cannot expose soft surfaces to the output of the machines.An output temperature of 386°F has to be handled seriously.

Operators of steam cleaning machines must take care not to expose the output to their own body or the body of some others. It can cause serious damages to delicate fibers, wood, paint, and more. Similarly, care must be taken to keep soft surfaces out of the flow of output of machines. Things such as paper, clothes, and plastics get damaged if exposed to the output of industrial steam cleaning machines.